This Election Stinks! It’s Up to Us to Make the Change!

By Joan McKiernan

It’s a really bad time to teach American politics as I do with college students. I hear of teachers trying to deal with this election while teaching civics to young children and in high school government classes. What are these students learning from this election? Definitely nothing to do with what most consider “American values.” I practically apologized to my class, particularly the foreign students. They know there are no serious issues being discussed. No one is discussing poverty, income inequality, the excesses of Wall Street, the climate, the dominance of the super rich. Instead, they are hearing a lot of sleaze, racism against fellow Americans, hatred of foreigners, bigotry towards Muslim Americans, and outrageous sexual assaults on women.

How must the people in these groups feel? Worse, how can their children feel safe? How can our young boys and girls feel secure? We also hear of all the lies, corruption, and media manipulation. Neither of the major candidates is presenting a vision of a better future ahead. Nor do they have any real plans for dealing with the serious issues like the cost of higher education, the need for child care, the lack of jobs. So, no matter who wins this dreadful election, the capitalists will still be in control. We still have to continue our fight to save our jobs, get better health care, end mass incarceration, save the planet. It is up to us!





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