Fighting for Clean Water in Endicott

By Joan McKiernan

Endicott residents and local activists got disappointing news just after Christmas when they learned that the “stink trucks” will continue bringing pollutants through our town. On December 22, NYS Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) issued the permit to allow i3 to continue importing landfill wastes for processing in the former IBM Endicott plant before discharging the fetid effluent into the Susquehanna Read the rest of this entry »


Partial Victory! Students & Community Say No to Sweatshops

By Mary Lister

Under long-term pressure from students and community   members, Binghamton University Dining Services has finally agreed to stop purchasing supplies from the sweatshop company Reynolds! Students pledge to continue organizing until the boycott is campus-wide, extending to all university sub-contractors. Read the rest of this entry »

Are Conditions at Work Harming You or Your Co-Workers?

Occupational Health Clinical Centers are here to help.

(315)432-8899 or toll free (800) 432-9590

Serving Working Men and Women in Central New York, the Southern Tier, and the North Country

Syracuse Clinic                          Binghamton Clinic                                   Canton Clinic

We address:  Respiratory problems; exposures to harmful chemicals – lead, fumes, or dust; repeated burs and cuts; workplace violence; repetitive muscle strain; back injury, serious workplace hazards.

We accept: Worker’s Compensation and other forms of insurance

We provide: Confidential, respectful diagnosis

We can help: Individuals or groups of workers assess risks, address hazards, and/or prevent work-related disease before it becomes more serious.

Because a Worker is Somebody!






The Real News

The Russia hacking story distracts from real and important   issues surrounding the CIA and its future in U.S. policy.

One of those real issues is that the CIA has consistently lied to the American people for many, many years. Why would Trump conclude that CIA Director Brennan was spouting fake news? Well, in the past 15 years, the CIA said that it was not torturing its prisoners. That was a lie. Read the rest of this entry »

What Comes Really Cheap? Workers in Broome County.

By Dave Duncan

Wages in Broome County rose by 3.5% from the second quarter of 2015 to the second quarter of 2016 according to a report from the Federal Bureau of Labor Statistics that looked at the 18 largest counties in NYS. This makes workers in Broome County the second poorest paid in the state, at $8.01 per hour. Oneida County is at the bottom, slightly below Broome. Weekly wages in the poverty stricken state of West Virginia are the same as those in Broome. Read the rest of this entry »

Democrats Join Republicans in Bashing the Poor

 By  Dave Duncan

It is a well-established fact that fraud by people receiving Welfare amounts to a very small percentage of welfare recipients. Yet our Democratic County Executive Jason Garnar and Republican District Attorney Stephen Cornwell have teamed up to create a position of Welfare Fraud Prosecutor.  The new position will cost the Broome County taxpayers $99,000 per year.  County Executive Garnar, newly elected to replace the welfare bashing executive who used a public credit card for personal use, is taking the same road that, in the past, Republicans reserved for themselves. Read the rest of this entry »

Can You Believe This? Donald Trump’s Remarks at the National Prayer Breakfast

(From Steven Salaita on FB)

Here’s a transcript of Donald Trump’s remarks at the National Prayer Breakfast:

Thank you, thank you everybody, thank you. It’s great to do my first prayer breakfast. We’ve got seven more to go, at least seven more. Who knows. I’m winning so much they may have to change the Constitution. Next time we’re gonna win even bigger. My people have done the calculations, we’ve looked at the polls, we expect 107, 108 percent of the vote. And we’re just getting started. But the reason we’re here is because of Jesus. Read the rest of this entry »