What Can Broome County Expect from the New Garnar Administration?

By C. Arthur Reavis

After Broome County residents and employees have suffered under Debbie Preston’s corruption, (by the way, how’s that cheap “jewelry” holding up-for those folks who felt pressured into buying it from their boss?) tax giveaways to large companies, cuts in public services, anti-union authoritarianism and pro-pollution polices, what can should Broome County residents  expect from the new Garnar administration?

We know that Jason Garnar has backpedaled a bit from his vote to close Broome County’s public mental-health clinic and as a result many of Broome County’s most vulnerable citizens have suffered. We as residents of BC can only hope that Jason and his entire administration fight tooth-and-nail to bring back the PUBLIC mental-health clinic and the services it provided.  As it stands, those in need of mental-health services are forced to go to a hodgepodge of clinics; Mental Health Association of the Southern Tier (MHAST), UHS, The [lesser] Binghamton Health Center (A NYS facility also serving five other Counties) and the for-profit and religiously biased Lourdes. Some of these clinics only accept private insurance or self-pay. Wouldn’t it be great to have most of these services in one central location again and accept all BC residents regardless of financial and/or insurance status? We hope Jason and his new administration will fight to right the wrong of closing this valued public service.

Additionally, we (many BC residents and tax payers) also hope that the Garnar administration will end Preston’s and the BC IDA’s foolish ‘race to bottom’ practice of:

  • handing out tax breaks to businesses, for the mere honor of relocating to Broome County and then
  • not hiring the number of employees they said they would hire for those tax breaks, then
  • paying those new hires minimum wage (or damn close to it) or

creating only temporary jobs (like construction of over-priced BU  dorms).

This means you, Newman Development, Mathews, Kradjians and Akels. We hope the new Garnar administration puts you on notice that the  corporate welfare train is terminated, that you will be paying your fair share of taxes and that we, BC, residents are through paying your taxes for you.

We also hope that the Garnar administration seeks new employers who are willing, able and responsible enough to contribute to BC with well-paying jobs and their fair share of the tax burden.

Moreover, we hope that the Garnar administration will address the area’s heroine problem through placing an emphasis on treatment and harm reduction while simultaneously de-emphasizing law enforcement and the penal system’s role.

We hold out hope that talk of privatization of Willow Point  Nursing home (all of its components), the BC Transit system and all   public resources will be completely halted and in some cases reversed, so as to reinvest in our area.

BC needs to stop handing our tax dollars to private and in most cases for-profit corporations who care more about their shareholders and CEO’s then they do about the people of BC and the quality of the “services” they are contracted to provide.

And yes, stop transporting and dumping “lightly treated” leachate from the BC landfill to Huron to the upstream (from the Town of Unions’ water well intake) dumping into the Susquehanna River.

We know these are difficult tasks and this may seem like a tall order, especially when this has been “business as usual” for so many decades in Broome County, but you were voted into office because a majority of BC residents have had enough of “business as usual.”  In return, on  the peoples end if you need us to protest, call, write or in any other way make life temporarily unpleasant for the legislators or “businesses” that don’t want to change or pay their fair share…YOU let US know and we will do OUR part.





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