About the People’s Press

The People’s Press is a voluntary free association of citizens from all walks of life. We write about issues that affect each of us locally although they are often rooted in statewide and national politics. In addition we believe that the great problems of our time are inextricably tied to the ascension over the past 150 years of massive corporate power and wealth in the hands of a few. We further believe it is our mission to play a role in changing that. As our masthead reads…We believe, “Our lives are more valuable than their profits.”

                                                          The People’s Press

c/o 2 Rivers Bookstore 153 Conklin Ave.

Binghamton, NY 13903

 If you like what you read and feel you would like to be a supporter of The People’s Press, we would welcome a small monetary contribution, but, only if you can afford it. An affordability rule of thumb is to determine your per hour rate of pay and send that amount once annually to the address shown above. It will help with the costs of paper and printing.

 While all articles are subject to editorial review, opinions expressed do not necessarily represent the views of everyone in the organization.


One Comment on “About the People’s Press”

  1. Bob Ruane says:

    I have an idea for an article: a low-income local woman is suffering from emotional problems. she is not receiving the proper treatment because most doctors do not understand her illness. Her family is wealthy and prominent in the community but do little to help her.

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